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Future Plan

We aim to realize the New Economic Map for the Korean Peninsula and the initiative of building a "Responsible Northeast Asia Plus Community" through the New Northern Policy and New Southern Policy.

Implementation Plan map Implementation Plan map
To establish communication channels with major countries

(Russia) To conclude an MOU with the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East (in the first half of 2018) and host the Korean-Russian Regional Cooperation Forum (in the second half of 2018)

(China) To establish communication channels with major agencies and organizations related to the "One Belt, One Road" initiative (National Development and Reform Commission, AIIB, and GTI) (during 2018)

(Mongolia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan) To open a communication channel of high-ranking officials through the visit of the Chairman of the Committee (in the first half of 2018)

Implementation Plan for the 9-BRIDGE Strategy

To initiate cooperation projects in different areas (March 2018)

To conclude a comprehensive MOU and discuss future tasks with Russia (March-April 2018)

To present the latest developments at the Eastern Economic Forum (September 2018)

To come up with a road map for northern economic cooperation jointly with pertinent ministries and agencies (by April 2018)

To form a working group consisting of experts from the Committee, pertinent ministries and agencies, government-funded research institutes, and the private sector

  • Supervising working team (to be led by the head of the Support Group)
  • Area-specific working teams (to be headed by directors of pertinent ministries)
  • Working teams (example): Strategy, transportation, logistics, energy and resources, agriculture and fisheries, industry, science and technology, etc.