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Our Roles

Externally We operate diverse channels for communication
  • We capitalize on the existing communication channels of related ministries and agencies.
  • We keep communication channels with high-ranking officials of partner countries open on a permanent basis.
    • We are currently establishing a permanent cooperation channel with Russia's Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East first and then will expand it to involve organizations of more partner countries such as Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and China.
Internally We serve asa control tower
  • We establish the basic policy directions and review the current status and outcomes of policy implementation.
  • We build a close cooperation system with pertinent organizations.
  • We operate communication channels involving local government bodies, research institutes, corporations, and the public.

Operation of official and unofficial communication channels

The Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation: policy control tower & channels for external and internal communication and cooperation
Related ministries and agencies
Communication and talks & collection of opinions
Partner countries
Operation of permanent channels for talks
Local government bodies
Communication and talks & collection of opinions
Corporations and public organizations
Collection of opinions & submission of difficulties
Universities and research institutes
Collection of opinions & advice and proposals
Sharing of information & collection of opinions
  • Blueprint Designer
    A blueprint designer that offers the vision for the co-prosperity and continued growth of Eurasia
  • Control Tower
    A control tower charged with the establishment of the basic direction and mid- and long-term master plan for northern economic cooperation policies as a committee directly responsible to the President
  • Dynamic Facilitator
    A dynamic facilitator that provides the support necessary to develop various projects and turn them into reality based on their blueprints
  • Policy Coordinator
    A policy coordinator that reviews and coordinates the progress and outcomes of major projects on northern economic cooperation conducted by individual ministries