To push ahead with cooperation projects across nine sectors (gas, railways, ports, power generation, Arctic Shipping Route, shipbuilding, agriculture, fisheries, and industrial complex) simultaneously


9-BRIDGE : Gas
To diversify the gas importing channels by importing more LNG from Russia and to connect gas pipelines between South Korea, North Korea, and Russia in the future
9-BRIDGE : Railways
To reduce logistics costs by boosting transportation via the Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR) and to connect the TSR and the Trans-Korean Railway in the future
9-BRIDGE : Ports
To modernize and construct ports in the Far East, such as the Port of Zarubino
9-BRIDGE : Power generation
To build the Northeast Asian Super Grid, a wide-area power grid aimed at connecting South Korea, China, Mongolia, Japan, and Russia and sharing electricity using renewable energy sources, etc.
9-BRIDGE : Arctic Shipping Route
To develop the Arctic Shipping Route into a new logistics route to promote its commercial use and preempt the Arctic Ocean market
9-BRIDGE : Shipbuilding
To build ice-breaking LNG carriers for polar travel and to construct shipyards
9-BRIDGE : Agriculture
To expand South Korea-Russia agricultural cooperation by engaging in seed development, cultivation technique research, etc.
9-BRIDGE : Fisheries
To create a marine product complex in Russia’s Maritime Province and to secure a stable supply of marine products through the expansion of fishing quotas
9-BRIDGE : industrial complex
To create an industrial complex in Russia’s Maritime Province through South Korea-North Korea-Russia cooperation

Strategies developed and differentiated for each specific region

Eastern Sphere
Russian Far East, Three Northeast Provinces of China Establish a genuine strategic partnership between Korea and Russia by reinforcing economic cooperation
Eastern Sphere map
Central Sphere
Central Asia, Mongolia Expand the scope of exchange and cooperation into various fields with the focus centered on natural resource and infrastructure development
Central Sphere map
Western Sphere
Western Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. Reinforce technical cooperation in high value-adding industries
Western Sphere map